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Working Papers:

• Alonso-Villar, O. and Del Río, C. (2021), "Disentangling Occupational Sorting from Within-Occupation Disparities: Earnings Differences among 12 Gender-Race/Ethnicity Groups in the U.S.", EQUALITAS Working Paper 75, December, 2021.

• Alonso-Villar, O. and Del Río, C. (2021), "Privilege and Hindrance on the U.S. Earnings Distribution by Gender and Race/Ethnicity: An Intersectional Framework with 12 Groups", EQUALITAS Working Paper 74, December, 2021.

• Alonso-Villar, O. and Del Río, C. (2021), "Gender, Race, and Class in an Intersectional Framework: Occupations and Wages in the United States", Working Paper 21/04, Departamento de Economía Aplicada, Universidade de Vigo, October, 2021.

• Del Río, C. and Alonso-Villar, O. (2020), "On Measuring Segregation in a Multigroup Context: Standardized Versus Unstandardized Indices", ECINEQ Working Paper Series 2020-561, October, 2020.

• Palencia-Esteban, A. and Del Río, C. (2020), "The Earnings Effects of Occupational Segregation in Europe: The Role of Gender and Migration Status", ECINEQ WP 2020-533, May, 2020.









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